Alex Hobden announced as College Principal of BIMM University Berlin’s Screen and Film Faculty

4 February, 2022

We are excited to announce that filmmaker and BIMM tutor Alex Hobden has been appointed as the new College Principal of the Screen and Film Faculty at BIMM University Berlin, relocating from Screen and Film School Brighton where he was previously Head of Second Year.

For over 10 years, Alex has been working in creative media production and education, lecturing in Film and TV Production and Cultural Theory at both Brighton and Chichester universities. Alongside this, he is a freelance filmmaker with a portfolio of creative projects for local charities and organisations.

We caught up with Alex to talk to him about his new role, the new Screen and Film Faculty and the film industry in Berlin.

What made you want to work in the film industry and what has your journey in the film industry been like?

I’ve always had a love for film, I would say that this was originally inspired by the 1980’s blockbusters that I grew up with. Unashamedly I was a huge fan of E.T, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Gremlins and Star Wars amongst many others. My interest in film production came when I ‘ accidentally’ watched ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ when I was way too young for it. As I was slightly scarred by the experience my mum took me down to our local ‘Flickers’ video rental shop and borrowed ‘The Making of a Nightmare on Elm Street’. Watching this behind-the-scenes documentary, interviews with cast and crew, and seeing Robert Englund being slowly transformed into Freddie Kruger sparked an intense interest in how films were made which I went on to pursue in my studies. After college, my life took a different course and I ended up as a drummer in a signed band and I was able to use my interest in film to contribute towards our music videos, getting actively involved in concept creation, logistics, production, and post. When the band had run its course, I was able to put these skills to good use making a living as a filmmaker working on commercial, documentary, experimental, and educational projects.

You also work as a freelance filmmaker – what do you enjoy most about your job?

It’s hard for me to find the time to make films in my current job but when I first started as a tutor at BIMM University Berlin I was still actively working in the industry. My biggest thrill came from asking my own students to collaborate on projects with me and sometimes to pass jobs directly on to my students if I was unable to do the job myself.

Previously you were the Head of Second Year at the Screen and Film School in Brighton. What do you enjoy most about working in film education?

So much of what I enjoy about my job in education is the students. It is the students who really set the tone of a college or university and I firmly believe that we have the best students in education. It’s a terrible cliché but there really is no greater feeling than watching a student progress through their course, overcoming immense challenges and emerging successful having grown personally and professionally into someone is ready to take on the world. I really do feel like a proud parent at times like those.

What are you most looking forward to about being College Principal for the new Screen and Film Faculty at BIMM University Berlin?

Running the Screen and Film Faculty in Berlin is a dream come true! I really can’t think of a better place in the world to study film so I feel truly blessed. As this will be our first year running in Berlin we have the fantastic opportunity to set up a new facility from scratch – A brand new building with cutting edge industry-standard hardware and software. I am immensely excited to see what our new students can do when they get their hands on it, whether they are experimental moving image artists or they aspire to make the next Marvel film.

Why do you think Berlin is a great city to study film in?

Berlin is the multicultural creative heart of Europe. It is an exciting, vibrant, and progressive city that oozes creativity from every pore. Berlin is full of inspiration and opportunity, what more could you possibly ask for?

Why do you think the BA (Hons) Filmmaking is the perfect course for anyone trying to enter the film industry?

I am lucky enough to have been actively involved with writing the BA Filmmaking course. From day one we have always been focused on creating a course that teaches the practical skills required to succeed in the industry. We worked closely with leading industry professionals and asked them what they needed from new creatives joining the industry, each year we continue to refine the course, adapting to industry changes to ensure that our students always graduate ‘industry-ready’.

What is your advice for someone trying to make it in the film industry?

Be nice, be useful, arrive early, work hard and never give up.

To learn more about our new Screen and Film Faculty at BIMM University Berlin then visit the course page here.

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