BIMM Berlin student photographs James Bay concert

17 July, 2018

BIMM Berlin Music Business student, Eline Duijsens, showed great initiative recently to secure herself a job as a photographer at James Bay’s Huxleys Neue Welt gig on Tuesday 12th June.

Eline, who is both a James Bay fan and keen photographer, put her Music Business learnings into practice when she heard James was coming to town. Knowing he was a BIMM Brighton graduate, Eline asked a BIMM staff member for help in contacting his management team to request a photo pass. Thanks to the enviable music industry connections of our BIMM lecturers, Eline’s proactivity was rewarded when she was given the opportunity to photograph the show. The result was an evening’s worth of awesome photos of James Bay playing live, like this one below – Eline’s favourite of the night! 

“This kind of photo is one of the hardest to capture in music photography, in my opinion. You never know when it will happen, on which side of the stage it will occur or for how long the moment will last. For this photo I had about two seconds to take the shot and was just hoping that I had all the camera settings right,” she said.

Eline enjoyed photographing James’ new style, which has changed considerably for his new album ‘Electric Light’, moving away from the classic ‘long hair and hat’ look he sported during the release of his debut album ‘Chaos and the Calm’. She said the gig itself was brilliant too, with everyone on stage impressing: “His band and the backing vocalists were amazing, making the songs even more incredible and powerful than they are on the albums.”

So… what’s next for talented photographer Eline? She’s been working hard taking photos for the Irish music website GoldenPlec, and has some upcoming photoshoots in her diary, as well as some recording studio photo and video sessions. In July she’s covering Melt! Festival for GoldenPlec where The XX and Florence + the Machine are performing; she’s preparing to launch some new projects with fellow students and friends in the next academic year; and is also on the lookout for tours and shows to shoot this autumn.

Make sure you keep an eye out for this exciting up and coming BIMM talent, as we know these won’t be the last incredible music photos you see from Eline!

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