BIMM University Berlin and Hamburg: Scholarship Winners Update

7 December, 2020

Every academic year, we offer several life-changing bursaries to our community of talented applicants and students. Earlier this year, you may remember our announcement that Eleanor Andristplourde and Bleona Ramadani were the winners of 2020’s incredible opportunity.

Each were awarded a fully-funded scholarship for their first year of studies and were chosen by a panel of industry experts based on their outstanding applications.

Since beginning their studies, Eleanor and Bleona have been fully immersed in the creative learning environment that both BIMM University Berlin and BIMM University Berlin Hamburg cultivate. We have been catching up with them regularly to see how they have been enjoying the experience so far.

Now that lessons are in full swing, and the students are fully immersing themselves into their cities, we caught up with them to see how they’ve found their first term.

Bleona Ramadani

Bleona Ramadani, Scholarship Winner at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg

Bleona enthusiastically explained that she is enamoured by Hamburg and the new experiences she has encountered since beginning her studies:

“Hamburg is the place for reinvention, new experiences and embracing yourself in aspects you never have before. The welcomeness, warmth and bliss embody the city and open-minded people will come your way, approaching you with new and fresh perspectives about life.

“The diversity of the city will make you feel 100% validated, totally accepted, and you can be true to yourself with no judgement. Hamburg is the city of passion, adolescence and new experiences.”

She has also been feeling inspired and motivated by her lecturers, who are all industry professionals.

“I’m obsessed with all of my lectures at the moment, from the creative industries to artist management. I have already learnt things I have never even thought of before and developed as a person for my future professional career. My colleagues inspire and motivate me to evolve as much as possible, and all being a part of the creative industries will make us stick together.

“The lecturers are very humble and take you by their hand to help you out of the labyrinth when you are stuck. Meeting like-minded and passionate people warms my heart and makes me even more excited about my future semesters at BIMM.”

Eleanor Andristplourde

Eleanor Andristplourde, Scholarship Winner at BIMM University Berlin

Eleanor is equally exhilarated by her new city, since having relocated to Berlin from Amsterdam to embark upon her studies.

“I have fallen in love with Berlin! When I go to BIMM I cross the Spree and look out over the water. Since it’s getting darker earlier in the day, I get to watch the sunset as I leave. I adore seeing all the lights reflecting on the water.”

Principal Songwriting Lecturer Cian Walsh has been particularly inspiring to Eleanor, which comes as no surprise as Cian has enjoyed chart success with his band COMA_54, and has toured Europe and the US. The band negotiated deals with various major labels and are represented by London-based entertainment law firm, Lee & Thompson (Depeche Mode, FKA Twigs, Ministry of Sound).

Off-stage, Cian has worked as a staff writer for Harvest Creative Services, where he has provided music for various corporate advertising and marketing campaigns in the US. He also has many years of experience as a music educator in his native Ireland.

Eleanor explained:

“Cian has been a wonderful lecturer. Each lesson has a new challenge to be incorporated into a new song. I feel inspired to create outside of my comfort zone.”


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