BIMM University Berlin’s 2022 Induction Events for Music and Film

21 October, 2022

Each year we welcome a new cohort of students to BIMM University Berlin. With the opening of our new Screen and Film faculty, we were delighted to invite the first group of film students and kick off the new academic year at our two induction events. Take a look at what happened at our events: 

SFF Induction


 Screen and Film Faculty induction 

For our first ever induction at the Screen and Film Faculty we invited our new students to the Noisy stage at House of Music. The event started with an introduction of our Screen and Film College Principal Alex Hobden and Executive Principal for Film Dara Kilkenny who welcomed the students and wished them all the best for their studies.  

‘You want to do something new and something different. So that’s the first step and I want to take a moment for you all to applaud each other. Well done everybody.’ – Dara Kilkenny 

BIMM University Berlin Screen and Film Faculty induction 

We were delighted to also have Peter Dinges, Chairman of the German Film Funding Board, to take the stage and give an inspiring speech to our students. Peter shared insights about the state of the German and European film industry and encouraged our film students to pitch him their own film projects. 

Peter Dinges on stage at Screen and Film Faculty induction - BIMM University Berlin

People are working together again and leading international co-productions. You can see that in Cannes. Films like ‘Holy Spider’ or ‘Triangle of Sadness’ – there are not just two or three producers involved, but four, five or even six, from all over Europe and sometimes from all over the world. That’s the future of cinema, that’s the future for young talent, that’s the future for the filmmakers of tomorrow. – Peter Dinges 


College Principal of BIMM University Berlin Anna Marks also welcomed students and spoke about the possible collaborations between our music and film faculty as well as of our students.  

Next, director and BIMM University Berlin patron Tim Pope talked about his career in film, his experiences in Hollywood and his work with some of the biggest musicians and bands in history including The Cure, David Bowie, Queen and many more! Of course, Tim also had some encouraging words for our new students and says he can’t wait to work with them and share his expertise with them. 


‘There were various people at the start of my career who were incredibly helpful to me and pushed me on my way. I’m very happy at this age to play that role and I was very happy to be asked to be a patron and am excited to work with Dejana and the other students as well. I have a real job as well, I make films but I will be there for them as much as I can.’ – Tim Pope 

Tim Pope sitting down talking to students

To show our students what their potential film projects could look like, we also shared three impressive short films from graduates of the Screen and Film School in Brighton, part of the BIMM University family. 

We absolutely loved to hear the inspiring stories at the Screen & Film Faculty induction and were happy to meet our new students who will be studying the BA Filmmaking course. We cannot wait to see what collaborations they’ll be working on in the upcoming academic year! 

Room of seated students at the Screen and Film faculty induction 

 Music Faculty induction 

We couldn’t wait to welcome our latest cohort of 120 music students to BIMM University Berlin with our music induction event at Kesselhaus. 

The event was presented by Eddie Argos, Head of Performance and kicked off with a welcome speech by College Principal Anna Marks. Students were also introduced to the Education Team who will support them throughout their studies. 

‘There’s so many opportunities for you and we can’t wait to see where your journey takes you.’ – Anna Marks 

Anna Marks on stage

Of course, we also had to have some live music at our event and so this was followed by beautiful performances from Kathlen Morrison and Ebba B. 

The highlight of our induction event was an exclusive Q&A session with Simone Butler, bassist of legendary band Primal Scream. The Q&A was lead by Principal Songwriting lecturer Cian Walsh. 

Simone spoke about her journey in music, her audition for Primal Scream and gave our students amazing and valuable advice for their careers in music: 

‘Socialise as much as possible and connect with people as much as possible. And create a very professional persona about yourself as well, make yourself just about the music. Be seen to be doing good stuff.’ – Simone Butler 


Simone Butler on stage

Students also got to meet our new Student President Hristoslav Zagortchev who introduced them to the BIMM Student Association and societies at BIMM University Berlin. 


To finish this amazing day we celebrated with students, staff, and the public at our induction concert in the evening. Featuring amazing performances by some of BIMM University Berlin’s best artists and bands, this was a great showcase of the level of talent at BIMM University Berlin. 

Kuma, Tolstoys, The Usual Boys, Little Elm took the stage to welcome and inspire our new music students and DJ Flat played a great closing set. 

Tolstoys on stage

The Usual Boys on stage

DJ Flat

We welcome all new students to BIMM University Berlin and wish them all the best for their upcoming studies! 

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