BIMM University Berlin Hamburg Graduation 2022

9 December, 2022

 At BIMM University Berlin Hamburg we were super excited to finally host the first ever graduation ceremony for our very first cohort of students. 

The graduation ceremony took place at resonanzraum in the Bunker, right across from BIMM University Berlin Hamburg and in the heart of St. Pauli. Not only is resonanzraum a beautiful location for live music but this was particularly special as our graduates spent the first 1,5 years of their studies studying at the Bunker – the former location of BIMM University Berlin Hamburg – before moving into our current space, the Karostar Musikhaus. 

Hamburg Graduation


We welcomed graduates, their family and friends with typical Hamburg weather on a cold grey Saturday to resonanzraum where they first picked up their gowns and then headed over to our photo station to take pictures with their families. Before the event kicked off, everyone got together for a nice drinks reception, and graduates got to see their fellow students and our academic staff again. 

BIMM Hamburg Graduation

Then the ceremony began with Deputy College Principal Ciaran Bradshaw, who congratulated the graduates and wished them all the best for their future careers in music.  


“It’s been an amazing 3 years and I’m very privileged to have worked with these students for those 3 years. I’m really excited to see just what they do next. There have already been so many successes in their time at BIMM.” 

Ciaran Bradshaw 

Ciaran Bradshaw at the Hamburg Graduation


Ciaran’s speech was then followed by a wonderful performance by graduates Feliks Divelli and Jonas Glamann.  

Students performing at graduation

Guests were also warmly congratulated by Mary Agnes Krell of the University of Sussex, the awarding institution of our bachelor’s degree awards. 

This was then followed by an amazing performance from Sophie Seemann on piano. 

Sophie Seemann

But of course a BIMM graduation wouldn’t be the same without a legendary industry guest to speak to our students. We invited  multi-platinum and Grammy-nominated producer Nils Again to the stage at resonanzraum. Nils spoke about his career, his journey in music and specifically jazz and of course also gave some advice to our graduates: 


“Be bold enough to be yourself.”

Nils Nöhden aka Nils Again

Nils Again


And then we finally got to the most important part of the evening: handing out the certificates! 

College Principal Anna Marks welcomed each graduate to the stage and handed them their well-deserved BIMM University Berlin Hamburg certificate to mark the completion of their studies. 

Hamburg Graduation

Hamburg Graduation

The ceremony was closed by an amazing performance by graduate Deer Anna who also played at Reeperbahn Festival since finishing her studies. 

“What I enjoyed most was the people. I met a lot of my friends at BIMM and almost everyone I am working with now.”

Anna Hirschgänger aka Deer Anna


Deer Anna at Graduation

 To celebrate this big day, The BIMM Hamburg Events Club also hosted a great graduation party at Pony Bar with performances by current BIMM University Berlin Hamburg students. 

See what happened at our graduation ceremony in the video below:

We wish all of our graduates the very best and cannot wait to see what they are going to do in the future! 

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