BIMM University Berlin hosts inaugural filmmaking and acting showcase

10 June, 2024

BIMM University Berlin held its inaugural filmmaking and acting showcase last week at TD (formerly TheaterDiscounter). The highly anticipated event featured talented students from our Filmmaking and Acting for Stage, Screen and Digital Media programmes presenting their work from the past year.

The evening kicked off with a surprise performance in the foyer, where three acting students captivated attendees with animal studies monologues. This first half of the evening highlighted the acting students’ skills through powerful monologues, duologues, and collective movement pieces.

During the second half, the filmmakers took centre stage, screening an array of impressive projects including music videos created in collaboration with BIMM Berlin’s music faculty, insightful documentaries, gripping short films, and tantalizing trailers for upcoming productions.

The showcase served as a culminating experience for the students, allowing them to exhibit their hard work and creativity from the academic year. It also provided a valuable platform for the rising stars to gain exposure and make industry connections.

Alex Hobden, Head of Screen and Film at BIMM University Berlin congratulated the students:

“I am immensely proud and deeply impressed by the extraordinary talent showcased in this year’s end-of-year show. Our students have once again demonstrated their remarkable creativity, dedication, and skill in both acting and filmmaking. Each performance was a testament to their hard work and dedication this year.

The diversity of storytelling, the emotional depth of the performances, and the technical excellence of the film productions have set a new standard for our institution.”

Robert Witoscheck, International Campus Dean at at BIMM University Berlin added:

“It is hard to put into words how surprised, fascinated, and, above all, deeply impressed I was. The acting students delivered incredibly intense, professional, and convincing performances that could easily compete with those of seasoned, professional actors—and this after just one year of study.

From our filmmaking students, I already knew to expect a high level of quality, but the short films, experimental films, and music videos presented exceeded all expectations once again.—in terms of storyboard, creativity, and technical execution.

I can only reiterate how immensely proud I am of our students. I am deeply grateful to the academic team and lecturers for their hard work. Such events continually reaffirm why I am happy to manage this campus.“

Congratulations from BIMM Berlin to all of the students who took part.

Photos by Fred Ferschke – @fred.ferschke

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