Gaming revolution: Deep Sky Games and BIMM University Berlin unveil partnership

7 March, 2024

Exciting news for aspiring game developers as Deep Sky Games, a worker-owned cooperative game studio, joins forces with BIMM University for the launch of Video Games bachelor’s degrees in Berlin. The partnership will bring a fresh perspective to students at the university, ensuring the industry of the future includes a range of diverse voices and ideas.

What is Deep Sky Games?

Deep Sky Games, known for its democratic structure and commitment to worker well-being, is working on its debut title. Alongside this, they provide creative services and game development to outside clients, with a specialism in VR/XR experiences. The cooperative strongly believes creativity is at its best when teams are healthy and happy.

Alex Williams - Creative Technology Lecturer - BIMM Institute Berlin
Alex Williams – Deep Sky Games

Behind the scenes with Deep Sky Games

Alex Williams, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Deep Sky Games, explains the motivations behind this collaboration:

“Deep Sky chose to partner with BIMM because we think it is vitally important to help new ideas and people find their place in the industry. Game development is more open-ended and democratised than ever, but many barriers remain. The right teachers with the right insights can make a massive difference, and the greater the diversity of voices that find their way into games, the richer the medium will be for it.

We support BIMM’s mission of providing relevant and practical education with the intent of giving students the tools they need to pursue whatever they define as success.”

Nick Rodriguez, Dean of Creative Technology at BIMM University, echoes the sentiment, emphasising the importance of breaking down barriers in the gaming industry.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Deep Sky Games onboard as an industry partner! This collaboration is all about fuelling innovation and breaking boundaries in game development education. With Deep Sky’s expertise and passion, we’re excited to empower students and unleash even more creativity into the world of gaming.”

What’s in store for students?

Deep Sky Games offers a glimpse into what students can expect from this partnership:

“Deep Sky was founded as a progressive effort to make games more equitably and healthily. We are excited to help nurture the skills, values, and thinking that the next generation of game makers will use to shape the industry they will soon join.

Students can expect their classroom time with Deep Sky to be highly interactive sessions with a focus on practically and holistically getting where they want to go – but also as a space where big ideas can breathe. Students will have access to our experiences across the games industry – from AAA or indie game development skills, founding a company, networking and community, self-care, tools, and more.”

Students beginning their studies later this year can look forward to an immersive education that goes beyond traditional boundaries. With state-of-the-art industry facilities recently announced, anticipation for September is higher than ever.

Ready to kickstart your career in the video game industry? Applications for September 2024 are open.

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