Presenting Molecule Studios: A hub for filmmaking at BIMM University Berlin

1 July, 2022

BIMM University Berlin is delighted to officially announce our second location in the city: Molecule Studios. From Autumn 2022, students will be able to take advantage of the state-of-the-art filmmaking facilities offered at BIMM University Berlin’s latest site located on Bouchéstraße in the Alt-Treptow district.

Alongside our current location at House of Music on the R.A.W site in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Molecule Studios will become a place for exploration, innovation and collaboration between film and music students.

SFF Berlin Building outside

SFF Reception

Industry-standard filmmaking facilities at Molecule Studios

What to expect at Molecule Studios:

  • Industry-standard studio with standing set and infinity cove
  • Dressing room and green room
  • Kit room – ARRI Cameras, lights & grip, Blackmagic Pockets, Sony A7S and FX9, sound devices audio recorders
  • Screening room with 8K projector & 5.1 surround sound
  • Mac Lab running Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinchi and more
  • 4 video editing suites – Adobe Creative Cloud, DaVinchi and more
  • Sound suite for voiceover, ADR, Foley and sound design
  • Student learning resource/study area
  • Student common area – projector, screen, popcorn machine, tea and coffee making facilities
  • Tutorial room
  • Meeting room

SFF Building

SFF Staircase

Why ‘Molecule Studios’?

For anyone familiar with Berlin, the Molecule Man is an iconic sculpture that stands proudly in the middle of the River Spree.

The Molecule Man is composed of three figures reaching out to meet in the middle, which, for designer Jonathan Borofsky, represents “the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence.” Of course, as a city that was long divided by two different political ideologies, the Molecule Man holds a particularly poignant position.

For us too, at BIMM University Berlin, the Molecule Man has a significant meaning. It represents the centre point between our two locations as we open our second building in Berlin, our state-of-the-art filmmaking facilities.

But more than that, Borofsky’s message is part of the fabric of our creative community, where students from all over the world, studying two different creative disciplines, come together to collaborate, learn and grow, both professionally and as human beings.

Molecule Man

A history of technological progress

Situated in the Bouché Höfe complex, Molecule Studios will stand on the shoulders of cinematic giants. Once home to AGFA (the camera film production company that took over the building in 1872), early technology for capturing images was produced in the very building where Molecule Studios stands. Initially opened as a factory to produce dry plates (a type of photographic plate that pre-dated photographic film), AGFA’s factory traced developments in photography during the 20th century, producing film for aerial photography as well as photo and cinema film reels.

While the days of dry plates and analogue film are generally behind us (we see you, hipsters), we are excited for students to become part of the site’s inspiring history – bringing in a new era of screen and film creation as they do so.

Welcome to Screen and Film in Berlin

SFF Common Area

An ever-transforming neighbourhood

Those familiar with the history of Alt-Treptow know that it was once an important industrial hub in Berlin. Situated on the banks of the River Spree, boats laden with cargo and industrial powerhouses, just like AGFA, populated its shores.

Yet while remnants of industrialisation remain in Alt-Treptow’s architecture, the grit and grime of industrial Berlin have long been left behind.

The process of beautification was started by Johann Peter Paul Bouché – after whom the street is now named – during the 19th century. Visitors to the area today are welcomed by a bustling neighbourhood filled with independent shops, cafés and plenty of green spaces.

Attracted by its history for innovation and progress, some of Berlin’s brightest and most innovative people call Alt-Treptow home, with coworking spaces, recording studios and post-production suites forming a network that builds the area’s creative hub.

We are excited for students to become part of Alt-Treptow’s proud history and form part of its vibrant community.

Take a tour of our facilities

While we are getting ready for welcoming our first filmmaking students at Molecule Studios from late September 2022, we invite you to explore the area and see our new facilities.

Take part in the masterclass with cinematographer Fabian Wagner on 7th July or book into one of our Open House Days over the summer.


Any questions?

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