Four BIMM Berlin students have joined forces to release a single after meeting at our Berlin songwriting camp.

The first and second-year students Tom Wills, Gaby Sforza, Jonah Fowkes and Chris Walker, who call themselves The Factory, have since released their stunning debut single, The Pressure. This brilliant track is the result of several intensive songwriting sessions at the iconic Bauteil 3 studio in Templehof.

Hosting the songwriting camp were renowned British DJ and producer, Fink (John Legend, Professor Green, Amy Winehouse) and our very own Shon Abram (Head of Live Performance at BIMM Berlin).

Our students were split into mixed groups, many of whom had only met for the first time, and given real-life songwriting briefs from a host of big-name artists and renowned record labels. Chris from The Factory explained:

“We’d never worked together before. It was like a test to challenge us to work with new people, and in this case, we all had similar vibes and tastes which made it really easy to work together. We actually decided that day that we gelled and would like to work together again. I know it sounds cheesy, but it felt like magic, as though the song was already there – we just had to realise it.”

It didn’t take long for The Factory to realise the chemistry between the group. With only nine hours to pen an original song from one of the ‘who’s looking’ lists, the students set about writing The Pressure.

The students were given help and guidance from our songwriting camp hosts, including Fink, a stalwart musician on the revered Ninja Tune record label, as Chris told us:

“Lyrically, Fink offered guidance when he listened to the chorus he unpacked the emotions, and that put things into perspective and influenced the verses to follow.”

The Pressure has so far proved a hit with both BIMM students and tutors alike, helped on by its timely release a week before BIMM’s end of term gig.

“This decision actually helped, because when we performed it, we noticed people singing along to it which was great,” said Chris.

We’re so pleased by the response from our songwriting camp, not least as it’s given a platform to a brand new BIMM band.

Speaking after the event, Fink praised the opportunity for helping students both personally and artistically.

“I feel everyone had a really intense and fascinating time on these camps; people got something deep and useful out of the experience, both personally and artistically,” he revealed.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for The Factory. You can hear their fabulous debut single, ‘The Pressure’, right here.

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