Top 5 Masterclasses of 2020 So Far at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg

5 May, 2020

Every Friday afternoon during term time, we welcome the big names from the music industry through our exclusive Masterclasses. Despite the current challenges we are all facing, we are still trying to offer a rich programme of events. Currently, all our Masterclasses are held digitally and can be easily attended from home.

With our Masterclasses, students gain access to expert knowledge and insights into all areas of the industry via exclusive workshops, lectures, Q&As and lively discussions. And while times are pretty strange right now, we thought we’d take a look back of some the best Masterclasses at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg so far this year – as well as one or two upcoming Masterclasses that are sure to get you excited.

1) Stephan Thanscheidt, CEO FKP Scorpio Concerts

Stephan Thanscheidt - BIMM University Berlin

Stephan is the Managing Director and Head of Festival Bookings at FKP Scorpio. This means he’s responsible for the lineup of big festivals like Hurricane, Southside, Deichbrand, Greenfield, Sziget and many more.

At his Masterclass, Stephan informed our students about festival programmes and profiles, musical diversity, future challenges, logistics, calculations, sponsoring, and target group definition. Through his discussions, he also spoke about the ins and out of his company and its complex operations.

When it came to our student Q&A, Stephan covered what skills are required to work at festivals, especially in the areas of artist support and stage management.

2) André Frahm, Michelle Records

André Frahm - BIMM University Berlin

André is Co-Owner of Michelle Records, a DJ and a drummer, and has been working in the music business for more than 20 years. He is also a yoga teacher, which gave the students a Masterclass with a difference.

During his Masterclass, André made students aware of their body and mind, and how their health is essential to keep their creativity alive. Alongside learning about music, the students learned some beneficial and straightforward exercises and yoga postures to solve acute problems. For example, by using their different body parts (such as their shoulders, lower back, hips or hamstrings), they could reduce stress and recharge their inner strength. André taught our students how these kinds of exercises can help to stay fit even on long, strenuous tours.

3) Björn Beneditz, Artistic Advisor

Björn Beneditz - BIMM University Berlin

Björn is a media artist, musician, performer – and the creative mastermind behind the spectacular live shows of the German hip-hop formation Deichkind since 2004. He was our guest at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg to discuss the topic of ‘Concert Rituals and Stagings’. During his Masterclass, Björn gave our students insights into how to create new and exciting stage performances and answered students’ questions in detail.

4) Siad Rahman (Head Of A&R, Warner Music Central Europe) and Gregor Stöckl (Head Of Marketing, Warner Music)

Siad Rahman - BIMM University Berlin

Gregor Stöckl headshot - BIMM University Berlin

Siad Rahman and Gregor Stöckl from our partner Warner Music Central Europe will be our Masterclass guests in May. Together, they’ll be discussing the topics, ‘Modern Artist Development – From Finding An Artist To Sustainability’.

Siad and Gregor will reveal tricks and tips on how to build up artists effectively in the modern era, how to achieve lasting success in the long term and which strategies are the absolute priority for a major label today. This will be highly relevant for all students across all disciplines – and a Masterclass not to be missed.

5) Christian Bass, Drummer of Heaven Shall Burn

Christian Bass headshot - BIMM University Berlin

Christian has been the drummer of the German metalcore and melodic death metal band Heaven Shall Burn since 2013. Their latest album, Of Truth and Sacrifice, entered the German album charts at Number One in March. Christian is also a vocational school teacher at the Oberstufenzentrum in Berlin and teaches German and media technology/media design.

In his upcoming Masterclass, Christian will explain the pros and cons of online rehearsals and business opportunities as a drummer. He’ll also be available for questions, and of course, demonstrate his skills on the drums. We are thrilled to have him as a guest!

Despite the current challenges we are all facing, we’re still dedicated to creating a rich programme of events. At present, students at BIMM University Berlin can access any online Masterclass across our eight colleges and benefit from an extraordinary pool of expert knowledge and exclusive industry insights.

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