BIMM Berlin Album 2021

As part of BIMM’s opportunities for Student Enrichment, every year at BIMM Institute Berlin we invite students to record their original songs for the BIMM Album. This year we have eight artists and bands contributing a song – which makes this year’s release a double album!

In the Summer of 2021, BIMM Berlin welcomed a selection of its students to the House of Music to record the ‘BIMM Berlin Album 20/21’. Eight projects, hand-picked by industry panels to showcase the best music emerging from the college, each recorded one song over the course of two weeks.

With the legendary Pete Smith (Stevie Wonder, Sting, Sheryl Crowe) on board as producer and giving extensive feedback and input, the students enjoyed access to a wealth of industry experience. With genres ranging from ‘jazz metal’ to electro-pop, the songs make an eclectic and awe-inspiring body of work.


Listen to the album

You can listen to the album via our Soundcloud embed below or you can stream it on Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, and Deezer.

BIMM · BIMM Berlin album 20/21


Track by Track


I wrote this song last winter and actually sang a version of it in the End Of Year showcase in December ‘20. I had a melody in my head and initially just recorded it into my phone. I later made a very rough melody demo in GarageBand and eventually had my lyrical topic set.

Líneik is an Icelandic artist based in Berlin. She is currently working on her first EP, set to be released in early 2022. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Jessie Ware and Amber Mark, Líneik is excited to introduce her music to the world, and make people move together again.

Leading Me Blindly is Líneik’s debut release of original material. While the lyrics of the song are of an intense and difficult topic, the final sound is more upbeat, offering a contrast to the lyrical theme.



half of a rainbow is the art pop project of Johannes Harder. In the tradition of lo-fi legends such as The Cleaners From Venus and Guided By Voices, Johannes blends catchy pop melodies with a love for experimental elements.

His song “recurring dream” is about remembering something distant, but hurtful, while it sounds like a mixture of Elliott Smith and a 60s spaghetti western soundtrack.



half of

Selkie is the latest project from singer/songwriter Kristina Cox. Originally hailing from the west coast of Scotland and currently based in Berlin, Selkie’s music takes inspiration from the natural world. The lush, and often dramatic backdrop of her homeland breathes life into her shimmering blend of electronic beats and electric guitar, as well as the spaces in between. Melding crystalline vocals and haunting harmonies with her knack for relatable storytelling, Selkie’s ethereal dreamscapes won’t just wash over you, they will pull you under and leave you gasping for air.

Selkie’s debut EP is due for release in early 2022.

Kathlen Morrison is a Berlin-based duo expressing themselves through vivid imagery and haunting harmonies. They command the stage on bass and guitar while their catchy melodies and honest lyrics will leave you wanting to know the rest of the stories they tell. They are so in sync that their voices are sometimes indistinguishable from one another. Together they create a new one: Kathlen Morrison.




Growing up in a parental home with omnipresent rock music and perhaps being unintentionally manipulated from his father’s vinyl collection based on the Rolling Stones, The Who, Oasis and Garage Rock bands such as The White Stripes or The Libertines.

Fyn quickly developed his own musical taste and his individual style of making music. Yet, he pays the most resemblance to The Libertines and Pete Doherty which, if you have heard him play, doesn’t come as much of a surprise. With his unique, unpolished guitar style and his great expressive vocals, he moves far beyond the singer-songwriter mainstream with brand new, unpolished own compositions.

On his first single Tell Me If You Like To, he has integrated his unique guitar and voice parts in a fully instrumented production together with his friend and producer Jendrik Nissen. The result is a catchy tune with a gritty swing and an uplifting Rock swagger, embedded in a complex sound production that carries all the authenticity and the intense, disturbing emotions of the singer perfectly.



Ingri is a 3rd-year Vocalist at BIMM Berlin. Involved with music since she was a child via dancing, theatre, musicals and of course singing. She started getting more serious about professional singing at age 14 when she started a music program through her high school she described those years as “where my on-stage performance experience started, and I realised that this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”.

She credits moving to Berlin as helping her learn more about herself as an artist, as well as the opportunity to work alongside other students in the same environment, such as the track’s co-producer Jonathan Olowookere who helped her discover what she wanted to achieve musically

“My goal at the moment is to find the right people to work with and make solid projects for the future” concludes Ingri.




Jonathan Olowookere, also known as BOYEGA is a 3rd year Music Production student at BIMM Berlin.

He’s played in various bands worked as a stagehand in venues and interned in studios. Stating that his interests lie in the driving forces of the music industry, with music production being his centerpiece.

Currently, Jonathan has been keeping himself busy with numerous productions for his peers from BIMM such as the songwriting students Isis Silva and Lili Nitsche, the vocal students Ella Raatikainen, Kristiane Berntsen and of course Ingri Galanti, who he says “raised the song ‘Born In Fire’ to the next level”.

While working mostly behind the scenes, he has created his own creative outlet under the pseudonym “BOYEGA”. Praising the freedom working under an allias allows him “This provides me with the creative freedom to move out of specific genres and explore my musical capabilities while maintaining room for crossover projects”.



Leonard Wellington is a rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, who was born in The Netherlands, and started his career in Berlin in 2018. Leonard Wellington has been interested in combining contemporary Hip-hop and Neo-soul sounds with vintage recording and production techniques. He is joined on this journey by his bandmates from “The Cavalry”, a band formed out of an abundance of nationalities and personalities who all bring their own inspiration into the project.



Already known for his latest single ‘Headbang to Jazz’ and his EP ‘Trve Brutal Black Jazz’ which was nominated in the Top 10 Albums of the Year by the Moshville Times (UK).

Etienne Pelosoff takes his fusion of black metal and jazz a step further to elevate to a new dimension: a song to explore deep and dark emotions hidden in the soul. “I wanted this song to be a full journey, from surprise to struggle to despair to the relief of pain.” This vision exploded during the recording sessions into the most unexpected ideas. Indeed, while Amelie G’s drums (BIMM London) and Dan Ganado’s sharp guitars (BIMM Berlin) are raging, the famous sax player Tim Sanders (Deep Purple, Nina Hagen…) opens a surreal dialogue with the divine vocals of opera singer Morgane Matteuzzi (BIMM Berlin).

By far the most personal and complex song of his repertoire, Beneath My Soul is the living proof that “in Black Metal Jazz, Art knows no limit.



Hear from the artists

We caught up with the artists behind the tracks to hear about their inspirations, songwriting process and journey so far. Read more below:


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