Student Enrichment

Making the most out of life at BIMM Institute means working hard and playing hard. There’s no one way to experience BIMM and you can tailor your journey to suit your own needs and interests. There’s always something going on and it’s worth jumping into everything you can to find what truly inspires you.

We offer extracurricular activities that you won’t find anywhere else. Taking part in these complements your main studies; providing you with new skills and experiences and contributing towards your CV when you graduate.

You’ll have the chance to directly connect with industry icons, put your in-class learnings to the test or boost your well-being. There’s nothing better than working towards your dream career and having fun along the way. Together, we can make your time here an unforgettable one.

Martyna Staszcyk

"BIMM offer us a lot of opportunities for internships and work placements. It can be really hard to find work opportunities, that’s why I find it so great that BIMM are able to send us regular updates, practically giving them to us on a plate... then you can easily apply for any suited to you through BIMM, it’s incredibly helpful”
Martyna Staszczyk

Ngoc Anh Nguyen

"Nora Warmedinger, Head of Careers, Events, Guests & Promotions at BIMM Institute Berlin reached out to me to say that Sennheiser was looking for a singer/songwriter to be featured in their next product story. She asked if I was interested in being part of the project and from there I started to communicate with Sennheiser, shared my story with them and they created the visual concept for the video clip."
Ngoc Anh Nguyen about how her opportunity to work with Sennheiser

Ronja Pöhlmann

"Our Events and Guests coordinator Dave Meisner is sending out weekly newsletters which inform the students about fantastic BIMM masterclasses and job opportunities. There, I found out about the ATC internship and directly applied as it is a great opportunity to hone my crafts and skills within the music business world."
Ronja Pöhlmann about the internship opportunities at BIMM Hamburg

We offer multiple opportunities for you to expand your knowledge of the industry and broaden your working experiences. That way, Europe’s top music employers know that you’re not only work-ready when you graduate, but you’re industry-ready too.

We offer constant support through our Careers Tutorials so you can perfect your CV, develop those interview techniques and land that job you’ve always wanted.

We also have our Artist Development Tutorial Support for performers, writers and producers. These focused tutorials will support you in developmental feedback on your material, branding, online profile, and all other aspects relating to being a professional in the creative industries. Discover more of our CV-enriching opportunities below.

Careers Support

Become empowered towards your career goals by attending a career guidance tutorial. These support you in all aspects of your career aspirations, including advice, potential career paths, CV writing support, interview techniques and general career-related topics.

Music Conferences

Work at international professional music business conferences, such as Brighton Music Conference (BMC), The Great Escape and Most Wanted Music. You’ll have the chance to network and learn about the latest industry issues from expert practitioners in all areas of the music business.

Festival Work Experience

Experience Europe’s best festivals for real through our festival work experience, performance slots and internships. You’ll gain hands-on experience running and performing at festivals like Glastonbury, The Great Escape, Reeperbahn Festival, Raketerei Festival, East Side Music Days, Lollapalooza, Popkultur and CTM.

Connection is everything here at BIMM Institute. And when you enrol here, you instantly become part of Europe’s most creative community. So, what better way to meet some of our exclusive connections than through our networking opportunities?

We offer exclusive networking events, BIMM Connect (our social networking platform) and more to give you the greatest chance of building up your musical network and establishing invaluable contacts before you’ve even graduated. Of course, we also hold exclusive Masterclasses so you can be in the same room as some of the music industry’s most prolific names.

Networking Events

Network with students from all courses and disciplines at our exclusive events throughout the year. Whether you’re a bass player looking for a vocalist or a Music Business student looking for a band to headline a gig, our student-led community helps build the foundations for the music industry of tomorrow.

BIMM Connect

Connect to the industry and like-minded people with our free social network that’s home to Europe’s largest private community of music students and graduates. You’ll link directly to fellow musicians, industry creatives and businesses via the app or your desktop.

We know that succeeding in today’s industry requires having multiple skills. That’s why you give you a range of opportunities to broaden your skills and have access to multifaceted learning.

With our extracurricular activities, you’ll be able to easily add another string to your bow. And as always, our lecturers and course leaders are on hand to help and give you one-to-one advice whenever you need it.

BIMM Extra

Sign up for BIMM Extra and experience extracurricular activities and classes that expand your horizons and build your skillset. Notable topics include Pro Tools/Logic/Ableton for Beginners, Ear Training, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Bookkeeping, Essential Digital Visual Software, Working the Press, International Music and Business.

Masterclasses, Sessions & Tutorials

In addition to the standard range of BIMM Extra courses, there are also a series of Mentoring Sessions with Joe Sparrow, Jeff Collier, Fin Greenall, Pete Smith, Marcel Weishäupl and Suzi Green. If students feel that they would like some mentoring, want to discuss their development, how to find work in the industry, if they need help with the planning of/keeping on track with reaching their targets, would like some feedback on live performance/demos or anything along these lines, then they can book a session.

These sessions are designed for honest and professional feedback on either songwriting, production direction, lyrics, overall vibe and direction, or a combination of the above. It is a chance for students to get active feedback whilst in the middle of their creative process to maximise their chances of creating the best possible piece, song or mood, whether for commercial or alternative music.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

Additionally, we also host a series of Mental Health & Wellbeing sessions with Franny Whitfield. These sessions are carefully designed to support students through taking bite-size chunks of self-care daily, advice on how to incorporate these into their musical routines and bind them to their sense of themselves as artists.

Course Leader Support

Enjoy unparalleled access to support and guidance from your course leader. As you progress through your course, your course leaders are available for academic and professional guidance to help you refine your focus and achieve your career goals. We also have Head of Department tutorials available. You will be able to access career support and advice from Heads of any department, whether you’re enrolled in their course or not.

Lecturer Tutorials

Expand your skillset and knowledge by booking a one-to-one tutorial with any lecturer within the BIMM Institute faculty. Our online tutorial booking system means you can connect for practical and academic study, even in areas outside your course. Are you a Music Production student looking to learn more about Guitar? You can book sessions with our esteemed Guitar lecturers to learn more.

Joining our creative community gives you plenty of opportunities to band together, collaborate and expand your passion outside of the classroom.

Our students come together to run their own record labels, magazines, gigs and events and simultaneously experience real-world scenarios first-hand.

Our extracurricular activities benefit all disciplines. For example, our Music Business students are given the opportunity to work with venues and artists as they would in the industry while performance-based students get to show an audience what they’re made of. In fact, did you know that the likes of Tom Odell and James Bay were scouted at one of our BIMM gigs? You never know, you could be next.

BIMM Album

Collaborate with others and work in a high-end recording studio alongside high-level producers for the BIMM Album. Every year, our album showcases the best songs from each of our colleges across Europe – and you can be a part of it. Students from every discipline can get involved. If you’re a Music Business student, you can form part of the selection, working and collaborating with industry professionals on a live panel.





Perform onstage or help to set up and run our end-of-term gigs, with multiple performances from each college. For our gigs, students get to play in well-respected and much-loved venues to a crowd of their peers, staff and industry professionals. The gigs also provide shadowing and work experience for non-performance students. You can help prepare and execute the gigs with guidance from a professional crew.

Exclusive Performances

Perform with industry professionals and expand your CV. Past students have had the chance to perform with Amy Winehouse’s and Jamiroquai’s bands, showing that nothing quite beats real-world experiences.

With everything going on, we’re also always here to offer a helping hand should you want it.

Your well-being and welfare is our priority, so if you ever need someone to talk to or helpful advice, you can always head to our Student Support Team.


Student Association

Having experiences outside the classroom is great at helping your growth as a person and your overall well-being. With our Student Associations, you’ll find everything from friendly quiz nights to a five-a-side football league and countless one-off clubs and societies.

Student Mentors

As a fresher, it might be difficult to settle in a city and concentrate on your studies at the same. In this case, the best thing to do would be to get some support from our mentors. Each year, a selection of our 2nd and 3rd-year students volunteer to become mentors to new students, in order to share their own experience and help freshers settle in their new city and at BIMM

Week Of Well-Being (WOW)

Join our Student Services team as they host and coordinate a variety of activities, workshops and awareness campaigns to help boost your well-being.

Any questions?

For any questions about the extracurricular activities we run at BIMM or if you’d like more information on how to apply, please contact our Admissions Team on +49 (0)30 311 99 186 or email


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