Why choose Drums?


Key Facts:

  • Degree and diploma courses
  • Industry-leading tutors
  • Well-balanced classes — a mix of theory and practical
  • Excellent internships and opportunities
  • Elite masterclasses
  • Access to BIMM Connect an exclusive networking service

Incredible drummers are made at BIMM. Regardless of whether you choose our two-year diploma or a three-year degree, you’ll graduate with the know-how, contacts and skills that you’ll need to make your name in the music industry.

Our expert tutors will give you key and in-depth information to help you achieve your goals. Our courses have been designed to ensure that you learn all the important skills that you’ll need to become a successful drummer in the future.


During your course, you’ll be supported by our world-class tutors who each have years of experience and a wealth of expert knowledge. You’ll also get to enjoy a varied curriculum that will challenge and prepare you for a professional career in music.

Lectures to prepare you for a career in music

Being adept at drums and having knowledge about different musical styles is key to becoming a successful drummer. During your core classes you’ll learn about:

  • Technical Development
  • Music Theory
  • Ear Training
  • Session Styles from pop, punk, R’n’B and folk

Designed to be academically and musically challenging, our Drum courses provide you with the perfect balance between theory, analysis, practical and technical skills.  

As part of your course, you’ll also be exploring and developing potential career pathways through research and professional projects and all in addition to learning the vital business skills that drive the modern music industry.

Exclusive networking opportunities

As a BIMM student, you’ll get the chance to plug into exclusive networking opportunities and collaborate with like-minded fellow musicians during your time studying. This is done through BIMM Connect, our music social network that connects you to bandmates, songwriting collaborators, press agents, artist managers, event promoters and producers.

Tailored tuition to hit your targets

We believe that students get the most from their teaching when it’s catered to their needs. That’s why we work with you to choose your modules and tailor your learning journey towards your goals and ambitions.

Some students will max out their CV with a choice of optional modules. Including:

  • Performance Skills
  • Digital Music
  • Creative Band Performance
  • Culture and Society
  • Performance, Stagecraft & Identity
  • Composition & Arranging Techniques
  • Working in the Creative Industries

Other students choose to diversify their skill-set with our five-week, mid-term BIMM Extra mini-modules. You can choose from a variety of areas including:

  • Music Production
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Video Editing
  • Mindfulness Techniques
  • Essay Writing Skills
  • Entrepreneurship and more


When you study at BIMM, you learn from the best. Our renowned industry tutors and Masterclasses will help you get to the top of your music game.


BIMM tutors aren’t just knowledgeable academics, they’re also world-class musicians in their own right. They’ve got the experience, skills and hacks that will prove invaluable to you in the future.


Only BIMM has the pulling power to bring in the industry’s drumming heavyweights. So, listen and learn as there’s no better way to build your understanding of what it truly takes to become a professional drummer than our masterclasses.


As soon as you start studying at BIMM, we’ll do everything we can help prepare you for a career in music. In fact, by the time you graduate, you’ll have a set of desirable skills and list of enviable contacts so you’ll be more than ready to make your mark in the music industry.

Internships and opportunities

We don’t just teach you at BIMM, we help you learn the tools of the trade by getting hands-on experience. Our Careers and Industry teams are ready to find you the best opportunities and internships that will get you noticed and established in the modern music scene.

Only BIMM students get to enjoy exclusive stage-time and shop-window slots at the biggest international festivals, from Glastonbury, 2000Trees and Liverpool Sound City to The Great Escape and Reeperbahn.

BIMM students also enjoy exclusive stage time in our famous end-of-term concerts, as well as local gigs organised by our Event Management and Music Business students.

Student success stories

We’re proud that so many BIMM students have become successful professionals in the music industry and artists such as The Kooks, Benjamin Morgan, Josh Deal, Black Honey, Tom Derryman, and Adam Pitts were all former BIMM students. Go to the BIMM success stories page to find out more.