BIMM Berlin Launches

7 October, 2015

Willkommen – BIMM Berlin is officially OPEN! The first weekend of October brought the long-awaited launch celebrations for our newest BIMM campus, with spectacular venue takeovers, live bands, guest speakers and industry attendees just a few features from a jam-packed weekend.

Most importantly, we at BIMM got the chance to formally welcome our new students who join us from seventeen different countries to be the first people to take courses at BIMM Berlin that will begin their musical careers.

Thursday October 1st was our big day, and we chose one of the city’s most stunning venues, FluxBau, for a day-long informative and celebratory takeover. Live music was provided by an awesome line-up of BIMM talent – The Cadbury Sisters from BIMM Bristol, Romario of Manchester, Brighton alumni Fickle Friends, and the Berlin-based trio Evvol.

The beautiful FluxBau sits right on the River Spree and was transformed for the celebrations with candlelight and decorations, adding sparkle to an already electric welcoming atmosphere. A stirring speech was delivered by BIMM’s Executive Principal, Vaseema Hamilton who welcomed students with the advice to, ‘Stay excited, and have a fantastic time!’

Debbie Knox-Hewson, drummer with Charlie XCX, also urged the audience to make the most of the talented lecturers and enviable facilities at BIMM, telling them, ‘It’s crazy just how many projects you can get involved with while you’re here!’ Nick Donovan, BIMM’s Curriculum Manager, talked about the importance of the ‘BIMM Balance’, the mixture of life-music-work-creativity-education that makes the BIMM experience so rewarding and the support that exists to help students maintain that special mix.

The welcome event went on into the evening, giving staff and students a chance to meet and mingle against a backdrop of live music. Once the dust settled on the festivities, it was time to explore BIMM Berlin. On Saturday 3rd October, the new undergraduates were given a tour of the famous Hansa Studios with Eduard Meyer, the legendary sound engineer who worked on David Bowie’s Low and Iggy Pop’s Lust For Life albums, amongst others.

“It was amazing to see BIMM Berlin students take their first step towards their careers in the Music Industry,” said College Manager Mark Clayden.  Vaseema Hamilton was also filled with hopes for the students’ futures:

“We know that some exceptional new creative collaborations are definitely going to happen and we can’t wait to see and hear what will emerge from this unique pool of talent.”

Welcome to BIMM Berlin one and all – now let’s get to work!

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