BIMM Hamburg’s Ronja Pöhlmann talks about her new project ‘Sounds of Hamburg’

21 June, 2021

Songwriting student Ronja Pöhlmann at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg has launched a new project called ‘Sounds of Hamburg’ that is highlighting upcoming artists in the Hamburg music scene through social media, and by hosting events and giving them a platform to showcase their talent. We caught up with Ronja to talk about the project.

What is the Sounds of Hamburg?

The key idea behind “Sounds of Hamburg” is, to offer young newcomers a stage and a place for their music to be seen and heard. Due to the current situation, “Sounds of Hamburg” initially promoted artists via blog posts on social media, introducing them and their music to the community. But hopefully soon, there will be smaller concerts in various locations all over Hamburg, featuring many of the talented “Sounds of Hamburg” artists.

How did the project come about?

Since I moved to Hamburg in autumn 2019, I got to know so many talented musicians and artists, that just didn’t get the chance to be discovered by a broad audience yet. Therefore, I thought about a concept of how to support these amazing artists, by growing a network between the musicians, the music venues/locations, and the listener. Eventually, I founded the music initiative “Sounds of Hamburg” last summer.

Why is it important to give musicians from Hamburg a platform to showcase their work?

Generally, I believe it is very important to support the journey of creative minds in every part of the world, be it music, art, literature, or anything in-between. Since I’m located in Hamburg, it just made sense to start the initiative in the same city, as it’s also easier to reach out to various people and to be an active part of the music scene.

How do you decide what artists/bands to select for Sounds of Hamburg? Are there certain criteria artists/bands need to fulfill?

Basically, everyone can apply to be part of the “Sounds of Hamburg” community, since it is all about good music. Personally, I’m a big fan of Indie-Folk and Indie Pop music, but there are no limitations. Next to many Indie artists, we already featured a few RnB, Pop, Reggae, and Soul artists. All in all, “Sounds of Hamburg” is always happy to support young musicians in one way or another.

If a musician wants to be part of Sounds of Hamburg, what is the best way to reach out to you?

They are very welcome to reach out via a direct message on Instagram at @sounds_of_hamburg or they can send me an e-mail at If possible, it would be great if they send me their EPK, including some links to their music, their artist bio, and some promo photos.

Now that Covid restrictions are lifting and small events are possible again outside, are there any plans to host gigs in the summer? If so, what are your plans for events?

Yes, it’s fantastic that concerts and smaller events are happening again! I’m definitely planning to host an outdoor event this summer, showcasing the first “Sounds of Hamburg” artists. Nevertheless, I can’t reveal any concrete details yet, since we’re still planning things 🙂

What is the fun part about doing a project like Sounds of Hamburg?

It’s a wonderful experience as I’m constantly discovering new music and brilliant artists. It’s exciting to be active in Hamburg’s music scene and to connect with so many people, who are sharing the same passion for music.

What makes the Hamburg music scene so special and why do you think Hamburg should be on people’s radar when it comes to music?

As far as I experienced it, Hamburg’s music scene represents a strongly linked community, leading from music enthusiasts, artists, and musicians to indie venues and labels. Hamburg does not only offer a fertile ground and a supportive environment for aspiring musicians, it is also home to many brilliant bands that enormously shaped music and culture during the past decades.

Ronja has founded “Sounds of Hamburg” herself but is currently in contact with other people in order to organise events and realise ideas. Furthermore, Music Business student Ava von der Mehden will also be an integral part of “Sounds of Hamburg”.

As well as being highlighted by BIMM, both Ronja and her ‘Sounds of Hamburg’ project have also been featured in German music press such as MoPOP who praised her ‘exciting ideas for the Hamburg music scene’.

If you would like to be part of Sounds of Hamburg, you can reach out to Ronja via Instagram @sounds_of_hamburg or via email

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