BIMM University Berlin Graduation 2022

28 November, 2022

Following the completion of their degree programmes this year, we were delighted to celebrate the achievements of our 2022 graduates – including our first master’s cohort.

This year’s ceremony took place in Heimathafen in Neukölln, which lay the stage for family and friends to witness graduates pass an important stage in their academic and creative careers.

Following the official ceremony, which took place in the afternoon, we put on an evening celebration in the way that BIMM University Berlin best knows how with performances from several of our graduates.

Read on to get the full lowdown of the day and check out some photo memories!

About the ceremony

The day kicked off with our graduates getting suited and booted (or, in this case, gowned and capped) before they could head down to our drinks reception, snap some photos with friends and family and soak up the atmosphere.

BIMM Berlin Graduation student smiling

Two students standing next to each other - BIMM Berlin Graduation 2022

Two BIMM Berlin Graduation students getting ready together

A BIMM Berlin Graduation student with her arms out

Once everyone took their seats in the hall, it was time for BIMM University Berlin’s 2022 Graduation Ceremony to get off to a start. Ingri Galanti opened proceedings before College Principal Anna Marks officially welcomed graduates and their guests.

BIMM Berlin graduation - on stage

“Whatever you do next, whatever you do after that, go into your next step open to learning. If you remain open to learning, you can find a way that your skills contribute in ways you never imagined, and they will continue to grow.

Whatever you go into, the important thing is to think about why you’re there: what is it about the place where you’re working that’s meaningful to you? What do you respect about your peers and colleagues? How do your values align with the goals of the project?”

Anna Marks, College Principal BIMM University Berlin

Anna Marks, on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

Guests were also warmly congratulated by Claire Smith Pro Vice-chancellor of Sussex University, the awarding institution of our bachelor’s degree awards. Claire’s speech was then followed by Julian Brown, who performed 2 of his tracks.

Claire Smith, on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

Julian Brown on stage with a guitar at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

It was then time to welcome our industry guest to the stage: legendary music business executive, Rob Dickins.

Rob Dickins on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

Rob, who started his music industry career at Warner Music UK, has signed huge international artists like Prince, Foreigner, Madonna, The Smiths, Cher and dozens more. Recently, Rob has also briefed UK secretaries of state for culture, media and sport as a highly respected expert on the UK creative industries.

Interviewed by Songwriting lecturer Cian Walsh, Rob shared insights and advice from a career spanning over 40 years.

“Whether you’re in the business, a musician, manager, whatever it may be, try and understand all aspects of the industry and how it all interlinks: that’s how you get the real big success.”

Rob Dickins, guest speaker

Rob Dickins on stage with a microphone in his hand at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

Following a collection of video messages from our lecturers, it was time to get down to business: the conferral of degrees. Graduates were called up on stage and congratulated by Anna and Claire.

Students on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

Students getting thanked on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

Students on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

Once all our BA and MA graduates had taken their seats once again, the ceremony was brought to a close by Maren Elise and Lili Nitsche whose stunning duet was the perfect way to round off the ceremony.

Maren Elise and Lili Nitsche performing a duet on stage - BIMM Institute Berlin Graduation 2022

Graduation gig

With the daytime events officially at an end, our evening show, featuring some of BIMM University Berlin’s graduates wrapped up a day of celebrations.

Pegeziss performing at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022
Ariane Voss performing on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation
Ariane Voss
Safiya on stage performing at the graduation ceremony - BIMM University Berlin
Nina Chiodin singing on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022
Nina Chiodin
Last Laugh performing on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation ceremony 2022
Last Laugh
Sector 5 on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022
Sector 5
Gunnar Lines performing on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022
Gunnar Lines
Rubin Kind - BIMM Berlin graduation 2022
Rubin Kind
Mini Van on stag performing at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022
Mini Van
DJ Flat on stage at the BIMM Berlin graduation 2022
DJ Flat

From all of the team here at BIMM University Berlin, a huge congratulations to all our graduates. We can’t wait to see all you achieve in the future, and hope you will continue to share your wins with us throughout your future careers.

BIMM Berlin graduation 2022

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