BIMM University Berlin’s summer music showcase

19 June, 2024

We had a wonderful time at LIDO for our BIMM Live showcase, which saw 20 incredible artists and bands take to the stage and smash their sets.

BIMM Live is a semesterly showcase of the best that we have to offer at BIMM University Berlin. Taking place in real venues across the city, BIMM Live is a public event open to guests from the industry and beyond.

For our summer installment, we headed to LIDO, just across the river from our music facilities.

BIMM live 1

After opening in 2006, LIDO quickly became one of Berlin’s most popular music venues. Located in Berlin-Kreuzberg, LIDO is a former cinema with an amazing outdoor area that plays host to a range of bands and artists of varying genres.

This edition of BIMM Live featured 20 different acts, covering a wide range of genres, plus DJ Luz Cunha, who performed at the after party. BIMM Live was hosted by our Spotify Scholarship winner, Nayeli Brincker alongside Alanna Wolgien.

bimm live

The 20 artists that graced the stage included: Adi & Victoria, Akari, Alanna, Alexandra Kessler, Cesium, Drunk Yellow Stork, Fumaça, Jojo Reeds, Kaheke, Leo Trovato, Lilly Marie, Lucie Frank, Oktobernatt, Overcharged, Pholexia, Ramo S, RAYNE, Tioga, Tomáš Morgan and Woody Woodstock.

bimm live

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