How to apply to BIMM Germany in 8 easy steps

29 January, 2019

We know applying for a course can be stressful – it’s all so new, it might involve relocating, and things may not feel as straightforward as they ought to. So here at BIMM, we’ve streamlined our processes and put together this helpful guide to show you how to apply for a BIMM course – the easy way. Follow these 8 simple steps and, before you know it, you’ll be joining us in September!

Step 1: Do your research

First things first, find out all you can about BIMM Group and your preferred BIMM college. Take the time to check out our website and social media channels and order a copy of our prospectus.

Step 2: Call our Admissions Team

If you have any specific questions about a course you’re interested in, give our friendly Admissions Team a call on +49 30 311 99 186. They can answer any query you might have about our colleges, courses and even the application process itself.

Step 3: Attend an Open Day

Didn’t call our Admissions Team in Step 2? Pick up the phone to them now to book your place on one of our Open Days. Call +49 30 311 99 186, email or book online. Heading along to an Open Day gives you the opportunity to get a taste of what life as a BIMM student is really like.

Step 4: Get in touch

Get the application ball rolling by applying for your preferred course on our website. This isn’t a formal application but it’s an important part of our process. Once you’ve done this, you will receive an email from our Admissions Team with a full application form.

Step 5: Submit your application

You will then need to complete and return the application form, sent to you in Step 4, via email to

Step 6: Arrange and attend an audition, assessment or interview

If you’re a Performance or Songwriting course hopeful, you’ll need to complete an assessment as part of your application process, or attend an interview if you’re applying for another course. Call our Admissions Team on +49 30 311 99 186 or email to arrange this. Once confirmed, we’ll send you exact guidelines outlining what to expect from your assessment or interview. We will tell you if it has been a success on the day. And if it hasn’t, don’t worry; we will clearly outline any development you require and give you a future assessment date allowing you time to work on our recommendations.

Step 7: Send us your qualifications

We recommend you provide us with your qualifications as soon as possible so we can review them quickly. If you don’t have photos of your certificates to hand, you can always ask your old school or college to send us an official confirmation email of your grades. You can supply these to us by emailing

Step 8: Unconditional offer

If you’re recommended for a BIMM course and you meet the academic requirements, we will offer you an unconditional place. Congratulations, you’re in! Now the real fun begins!

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