The BIMM University Berlin Hamburg Induction 2022

15 November, 2022

We were delighted to welcome a new cohort of music students to BIMM University Berlin Hamburg this year and to meet our new students from across the world.

This year’s induction event took place at Haus 73, a popular venue on Hamburg’s Sternschanze not far from BIMM University Berlin Hamburg! We kicked off the event with great weather and welcomed our students by handing them their “Schultüte” (in English “school cone”) – a German tradition of giving students a cone filled with sweets for their first day of school!

Ciaran Bradshaw at the Hamburg Induction

Anna Marks at the Hamburg Induction


College Principal Anna Marks and Deputy College Principal Ciaran Bradshaw welcomed our students and Events and Guests Coordinator Dave Meisner introduced them to the exciting Fresher’s activities happening that week. Students could sign up for different Fresher’s events such as the U3 party train that took students on a scenic tour around Hamburg. 


You are the next music industry practitioners: among you are future managers, artists, performers, producers, promotors, songwriters, journalists – there are so many possibilities and you will start exploring these from your first semester – there is so much opportunity to interpret the world we live in and make it what you want it to be.

Anna Marks, College Principal BIMM Insitute Hamburg and Berlin

Dave Meisner at the Hamburg Induction


Students also got to meet Ema Stapleton, Head of Learning and Teaching, who gave advice on who to reach out for if students needed support with their studies. 

Ema Stapleton at the Hamburg Induction


Besides meeting our academic staff, the induction event also featured amazing performances by BIMM University Berlin Hamburg students and bands such Saturndaze, Insa and SONAR. 





We were also excited to welcome Jens Moelle from legendary band Digitalism for an exclusive talk about his work, the music industry and Hamburg! Ema spoke to him about what it takes to have a successful career in music: 


“You need failures. You need a challenge otherwise you’re not going to go to that next step.”

Jens Moelle from Digitalism

Jens Moelle from Digitalism


At the end our Hamburg Student President Joanna also introduced herself to the new group of students and talked about Fresher’s events as well as BIMM University Berlin Hamburg’s clubs and societies that students can join and become part of. 

Hamburg Student President Joanna


Students then got to meet each other and enjoy some drinks on the terrasse of Haus 73! 

Students at Hamburg Induction

Students at Hamburg Induction


We wish all new students at BIMM University Berlin Hamburg all the best for their future studies! 

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