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Film and music: A natural symbiosis

There has always been a rich history of collaboration in the creative industries. Music is reliant on filmmakers, directors and producers on creating visuals for music videos and adverts, and the film industry relies on musicians when it comes to creating audio for film and sync.

As a BIMM University Berlin student, you’ll benefit from a range of unique collaborative opportunities across both music and film.

Our courses evolve through working closely with industry partners and advisors. We listen to what the creative industries value most when it comes to graduate skills and behaviours. This ongoing industry engagement ensures that what we offer is continuously aligned with what the industry needs.

Our industry-led courses span music production and performance, songwriting, music business and filmmaking.

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Unique opportunities for collaboration at BIMM University Berlin

Our courses in music and film aren’t just complimentary; in today’s creative industry, you rarely have one art form without the other. Collaboration and creativity are essential to BIMM University Berlin. Our students share a passion for creativity in a community that crosses countries and industries. So, coming together and collaborating on creative projects is an almost instinctive reaction to being surrounded by a network of like-minded, dedicated and talented people. And it’s a skill that many take into their future careers.

As a BIMM University Berlin student, you will have an opportunity to:


Expand your creative network

Benefit from an exemplary network of creative students and professionals alike.

Collaborate on music videos

Work with your peers from other courses to create music videos.

Get involved with mixed media projects

Make the most of collaborative opportunities by working across genres and media.

Compose music for film

Dive into the world of film scoring and hear your work on screen.

Film and edit live music performances

Use your live performances as an opportunity to stretch your skills and build a portfolio of projects.


The film and music industries in Berlin

Berlin is paradise for the creative individual. It’s experimental, innovative, freeing and alive. It is home to a vast network of artists, labels, venues, media outlets and music tech companies. If you get your Friday night right, you won’t be home until Monday. It’s no wonder so many artists have flocked this way in recent decades – from David Bowie, Brian Eno and Iggy Pop, to Nick Cave, U2 and Bloc Party.

Alongside this musical metropolis is a world-leading film industry. Thanks to the outstanding production infrastructure – including the famous Studio Babelsberg – great funding conditions and the creative atmosphere, Berlin attracts producers, film distributors, streaming portals and VFX companies from all over the world.

The Berlin Music Video Festival is a testament to how film and music professionals are working together more and more. It’s one of the primary networking events for the video and music industries in Europe, aiding collaboration and breaking down barriers of genre and medium. There’s never been a more exciting time to join the industry as we work together to pave the way for a new kind of creative interaction.

The Berlin film industry generates

€1.9 billion
in revenue per year

Berlin's music industry generates

€1.1 billion
in revenue per year

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Welcome to Berlin

One of the most diverse and welcoming cities in the world with endless creativity and possibilities for collaboration.

Life in Berlin

Learn from lecturers who cross creative boundaries

Our film and music lecturers are highly experienced and respected in equal measures, with impressive accolades to their names.

They will provide you with essential insider tips and exclusive knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. It’s their role to help you step into the creative industries with confidence.


Building Berlin’s community of creatives

BIMM University Berlin is a lively, diverse and welcoming community. Discover, develop and celebrate your unique identity in the heart of Europe’s creative capital.



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