Games Ground Berlin: BIMM University Berlin gets its game on

12 December, 2023

The ultimate celebration of all things gaming, Games Ground is Berlin’s newest gaming festival. With BIMM University Berlin’s new degrees in video game creation launching in 2024, the team was delighted to partner with Games Ground to support its first edition, held in November 2023.

Held in the iconic Berlin event space, Alte Münze, Games Ground was a jam-packed three days of networking, workshops, and lots of play. The festival was billed as ‘more than just a gaming convention’ and had a particular focus on inclusivity, diversity and innovation within the gaming sector.

“It was brilliant to get stuck into everything Games Ground Berlin had to offer. From panel discussions to having the opportunity to try out games from Berlin’s indie scene, it was a real paradise for anyone who loves games. I left feeling inspired by the atmosphere that the Games Ground team nurtured – it was incredibly warm, open and inclusive. For me, this is the future of the games industry and something that will be a key aspect of our courses in video game development at BIMM University. A huge congratulations to the Games Ground team – we can’t wait to continue working with you.”

– Nick Rodriguez, Dean of Creative Technologies, BIMM University

Music Production and Filmmaking students put their skills on show

Student plays a retro video game at Games Ground Berlin
Photo: Games Ground

Games Ground was a real feast for the eyes. With gaming islands, figurine displays and panel discussions featuring key industry voices, there was so much to take in. Five students from our BA (Hons) Filmmaking programme were on hand to capture stage recordings for over 30 different events during the festival, spanning panels, roundtable talks and fireside chats.

Alongside this, third-year Music Production students studying the option module Game Sound & Music had the opportunity to attend the festival. Following a tour from Games Ground organiser, AJ, they were let loose and were able to try out games from local developers, give feedback and present their skills as audio designers.

“I’ve loved playing indie games all my life, so getting to see games that are still in development, and meeting the production teams, was an amazing experience. I got several contacts during the festival and plan on sending them my portfolio soon.”

– Lucretia Wittnerova, BA (Hons) Music Production

BIMM University Berlin’s collaboration with Games Ground

Games Ground 2023 was just the beginning. In the run-up to the launch of our video game development degrees, we look forward to discovering new ways we can work together, providing incredible opportunities for students studying our video games, music, film and acting courses.

Following the festival, we caught up with Fernanda Pagani (Co-founder of Games Ground) and Arjuna “AJ” Sath (Partnerships & B2B) on our work together.

“I only have positive words and feelings towards BIMM and the team. From the very first interaction, they have been incredibly open to working together on ideas and finding ways to support each other, both in the short and long run. Their focus in giving their students as many resources, learning experiences and growth opportunities as possible is truly inspiring. From this first collaboration, I can see us working closely together in the future, forging a long-lasting, supportive and creative relationship.”

– Fernanda Pagani, Co-founder of Games Ground

BIMM University's Dean of Creative Technologies Nick Rodriguez stands at BIMM University Berlin's exhibition stand at Games Ground. On a computer screen below the BIMM University Berlin sign reads "New for 2024: Video Game Degrees"
Photo: Games Ground

“We are absolutely thrilled with our first collaboration with BIMM University Berlin for Games Ground Berlin and fully appreciate their pure creative spirit. Right off the bat, BIMM’s commitment to supporting the gaming industry, especially the students, juniors and indie gaming studios, was clear and decisive. With their expertise in a variety of creative fields, we found valuable synergy to aid gaming professionals, studios and students through audio design, film and game design. This was just the start as we look forward to growing this partnership to provide more resources and opportunities for the community.”

– Arjuna “AJ” Sath, Partnerships & B2B at Games Ground

As they say, watch this space.

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