Sky Deep

Module Leader Live Sound Technology & Tutor for Showcase

Sky Deep is a Berlin based music producer, DJ, musician, filmmaker and activist – born in the USA. Coming from a musical family, she has been involved in a wide variety of musical projects and genres including working in NYC as a stage guitarist for different acts.

With her early solo work being rooted in HipHop, Sky’s performances and tracks have been featured on VH1, NBC and UPN in the U.S. Her current productions and performances are continually being featured in German and international media while she also does a lot of teaching artist work – such as leading sessions at Ableton Loop Summit in Berlin.

As founder of Reveller Records (an electronic label), she has released music from such artists as The Knife, Fever Ray, LIGHT ASYLUM, Paula Temple and Hyenaz.

Sky Deep also created, organises and curates the Reclaim The Beats Festival in Berlin – which advocates for the visibility of people of colour and the LBGT community in the music industry. She is an active member of the female:pressure collective – an international network of female artists in the fields of electronic music and digital arts.

  • Berlin, Music Business