BIMM Diploma Courses

Looking for a diploma that can connect you directly to the music industry while giving you the knowledge and tools to become a music industry professional? Apply for one of our BIMM Diploma courses.

Here at BIMM, we offer a series of highly vocational, real-world music Diploma courses to set you on your way to starting your music career. You’ll be provided with a solid foundation of musical knowledge and technique to develop your skills and progress. It’s also the perfect stepping stone for studying one of our BIMM BA (Hons) degrees.

Our diploma courses are available at our UK and Irish colleges.

Why choose a BIMM Diploma?

We offer something that other places simply can’t: a unique form of industry networking and the chance to experience what life in the music industry is really like.

For us, it’s all about collaboration. We connect our Diploma students to regular music business experiences so that they can prepare for their music industry career from the get-go. These include:

Our festival work experience provides our diploma students with the opportunity to help set-up, run and perform at these events.

We also have a dedicated career planning and support programme. This provides you with ongoing industry opportunities, such as work placements, internships, CV advice, job hunting and more.  Why not book a Diploma Open Day to find out more?

BIMM Diploma Options

We provide a wide range of different diploma options that focus on your chosen discipline. Simply pick a college and browse our range of courses.

Diploma Success Stories

Many of our esteemed alumni members began their journey to success by studying one of our BIMM Diploma courses.

Marius Bear studied a Diploma in Music Production at BIMM London and has recently released his fantastic  ‘Sanity’ EP.  The Swiss singer-songwriter walked away with SRF3’s “Best Talent” award at the Swiss Music Awards, 2019.

Julia Bardo is an Artist Development Diploma in Songwriting graduate and is currently creating a buzz throughout the industry. This summer, she’s performed at Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape and has released her debut single ‘Desire’. She also plays for fellow BIMM Manchester band, Working Men’s Club…who all met on their Diploma course here at BIMM.

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Why I chose Diploma

Hear from our students on how choosing to study a BIMM Diploma has helped them along the path to achieving their music career goals.

Martha Phillips

"Coming to a music college that’s so focused on getting you ready for the real world at a young age was like a dream come true. It literally changed my life."

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Paris Gibson

"It is helping me become more professional and business-like minded within what I want to do and within the correct way I must do it."

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Will Hurn

"The Diploma course helped me by giving me the basic knowledge and tools to become a music industry professional."

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“Without completing this diploma I wouldn’t have found the perfect career route for me. It especially helped me in picking the best degree course to help me achieve my music career goals. It was a great introduction into the work I would be dedicating myself to for the next three years.”

– Kelly Northorpe, Artist Development Diploma in Vocals

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What are the diploma course fees like?

What are the entry requirements for a BIMM diploma?

What will my timetable be like?

Diploma News

Whether it's announcing our new Diploma patrons, showcasing our recent Diploma successes, or unveiling our latest courses, we'll keep you up to date with all our latest Diploma news and developments.

Our recent Diploma Successes

Thanks to a faculty of expert tutors and valuable music industry connections, BIMM is renowned for producing the next generation of music industry professionals. Here’s a shortlist featuring some of our more recent Diploma success stories.

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Diploma in Music Production and Live Sound Events

To ensure the diploma is at the cutting edge of current music industry trends, we’ve made the course even better.

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BIMM Bristol's Diploma Course Patrons

BIMM Bristol recently appointed two brand new Diploma patrons in the form of Songwriting tutor and Lamb vocalist Lou Rhodes and the drum ‘n’ bass legend Kirk Thompson – AKA DJ Krust.

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Ready to apply?


All diploma applications can be made directly via the BIMM admissions Team.

To request an assessment, call 0844 2 646 666. All students will be invited to attend an individual assessment. Find out more information about how to apply here.


To apply for one of the Dublin courses please contact the Admissions Team on +353 1 5133 666 or by email